The team

Dedicated logistics professionals

Our team is a group of dedicated professionals combining over 100 years of experience and expertise in logistics, storage, expedition, forwarding, legal and fiscal legislation, customs brokerage, excise and administration.
We practice un unconventional way of working: every project is handled and executed by one senior expeditor, from A to Z. This is your project manager, your contact, sounding board, troubleshooter, firefighter, cheerleader, champion, fountain of knowledge and all-around superhero. At Red Star you'll find no management layers, departments, call another number - it’s bureaucracy to the min so we can focus on the juicy stuff: getting your goods when and where you want them to be.

Team members, together 100+ years experience

Guido Dyckmans - cofounder, shareholder and managing director. Over thirty-five years of passionate logistics experience worldwide. Famous for his massive network and appreciated throughout the sector for his sharp logistic eye, abundant creativity and keen judgment. If Guido can't solve it, no one can solve it.
You won't believe the number of people who call Guido for a second opinion, a creative solution, a sounding board… He knows the Antwerp harbor like the back of his hand - which comes in handy from time to time. Guido's specialty is the most exciting of them all: arms, ammo, pyro, everything complex and sensitive. Call or mail Guido Dyckmans directly

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Marino Cafini - co-founder, shareholder, and business developer. Active in logistics since 1998. Barrels of experience in liquid and dry chemicals, dry foods and perishables. Specialized in expedition of explosives, ammunition, fireworks and military cargo.

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Ilse Soetewey - senior expeditor. Twenty-four years of experience since earning her bachelor’s degree in shipping and transport. A brilliant all-rounder, sharing Guido's passion for forwarding strategic goods: arms and ammo. Her affinity with hazardous cargo says a lot about her adventurous personality. For Ilse, it can't come challenging enough. Call or mail Ilse Soetewey directly Mail Ilse


Cindy Van Geert - senior expeditor. Cindy's mastery of the Spanish language, enabling effective communication with Spanish-speaking markets, made her entry into logistics easy. Freezerfuls of experience in sanitary (food) inspection, expedition, customs clearance and storage of foodstuffs, specifically deep-frozen. Call or mail Cindy Van Geert directly Mail Cindy


Ortwijn Verbeke - inside sales / senior expeditor. Ortwijn joined the team in December 2015. Active in logistics and expedition since 1981, Ortwijn started out handling the shipping of all kinds of cargo for a wide array of customers. In recent years he’s specialized in the demanding transport of chemicals. And that’s exactly what Red Star Forwarding needed: an extra logistics expert to help us handle the dangerous stuff. Ortwijn’s double title reflects his two major passions. As a sales rep, he gets a real kick out of helping potential customers determine exactly what they need and how Red Star can provide it. As an expeditor, nothing makes him happier than seeing a complex job to its successful end. In both roles, Ortwijn is the kind of guy customers know they can count on. Perfect for Red Star, and perfect for our customers. 

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